Western Fire Protection is a passive fire protection (PFP) company covering the South West of England. With an FDIS Diploma and BMTrada qualification, our trained installers can undertake all aspects of PFP.

At Western Fire Protection we can offer inspections and surveys with guidance on materials and installation types, as well as installation and maintenance services required for passive fire protection. We are a passionate team driven by quality and customer satisfaction. WFP has the capacity to work on a variety of project sizes and can even fulfil the principal contractor role for your project.



We offer compartmentation surveys on existing buildings to ensure your building will perform in line with current build regulations. We ensure that all potential areas of fire spread, or visible voids, have passive fire protection in place. We then check that measures are compliant and installed as per manufacturers guidelines and not damaged or disturbed. We can address any issues found using certified materials and trained staff.

Services include:
– Multiple storey buildings
– Drainage & service access and egress routes
– Compartmentation design
– Assessment of installation and construction

Fire Door

Western Fire Protection provides an end-to-end service, including the survey, quotation, procurement, installation and confirmation of compliance of new fire doors across various sectors. We collaborate closely with leading manufacturers to furnish our clients with third-party certified fire doors.

Our fire door installation process looks like this:
– Site survey
– Report and quotation
– Procurement of compliant doors
– Installation
– Sign off and handover

Fire Door Inspection
and Maintenance

Fire Doors are pivotal to a building’s passive fire protection and because of their frequent use, they are susceptible to damage and wear. This damage or wear can drastically reduce the doors’ ability to perform in the event of a fire, meaning inspection and maintenance are a must, and in most cases, a legal obligation.

Our FDIS/BM Trada Q marked trained engineer offers fire door inspections on behalf of building owners, managers, and occupants to determine whether these important items of fire protection are in need of maintenance, operating correctly, and comply with current regulations.

Our technicians examine various elements, including, but not limited to:
– The door compliance
– Door frame
– Self-closing mechanisms (door closers)
– Hinges
– Door seals and cold smoke seals
– Glazing (if applicable)
– Signage

After inspection, you will receive a report detailing the condition and functionality of each door. If your doors are found to be in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement this can arranged and carried out by our BMTrada certified operatives. If or when your door set is in good working order and up to standard, you will receive a fit-for-use certificate and the door will be clearly labelled.

To complement this service, we can then carry out periodic checks and maintenance for peace of mind and to ensure you are compliant with current regulations.

Fire Stopping
and Barriers

At Western Fire Protection, we specialise in installing passive fire protection materials for a wide range of service penetrations and voids on existing and new build properties of any size. After an initial inspection, we can provide a report and assist with solutions for our customers whilst ensuring programmes of delivery are met at the expected standard. All installed items will be recorded and certified under the BMTrada scheme.

Services include:
– Proactive & reactive services
– Third party sign off
– Retrospective amendments